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Returning Student Information

  • You will not have to re-enroll in your medical insurance this school year! We now have automatic enrollment which allows you to continue your health coverage from year to year unless you need to terminate your coverage due to a change in family status or if you are graduating. You will need to notify the Insurance Company of Scott & White if this occurs.

  • If your premiums were automatically drafted you will not have to complete another APS form unless your bank draft information has changed. If you paid for the entire school year with a check or money order you will need to submit another check or money order for this school year.

    • If you have any questions, please contact:

    • Nicole Stevens - Account Coordinator
    •  204 S. IH 35, Suite 100 
    •  Georgetown, TX 78628 
    •  512-930-6068 
    •  1-800-758-3012, ext. 6068